Ever wondered how offshore windfarms get their energy onshore and into the grid? Believe it or not, those millions of megawatts are all transported by sub-sea cabling – but we think pictures might tell this story better than words. These photos show one of our cable carousels in action, how cable is spooled into place, ready for transportation out to the wind farms.

In addition to shipping cable out, ready for installation, we also handle and store spare export cable. At our UK cable base, for example, we have cabling on call for the Moray East offshore wind, which lies 22km off the coast of Scotland. Over the years, we’ve worked with suppliers to many offshore wind farms not just off the coast of Britain, but also overseas.

Here, in Van Oord’s great recent video, you can see how we’ve been using this equipment to support @blueoffshore and @DOC, loading their subsea cable in Greece.