Rail bridge installation

Delivering rail infrastructure safely and efficiently

For many of our clients, the biggest challenge is time. Respecting multiple stakeholder schedules and keeping disruption to a minimum. In Dumbarton, we only had 48 hours to replace a railway bridge.

Our experience with critical infrastructure makes it easy to handle these scenarios. We move heavy assets regularly to and from off-site holding areas – but we also know there are other ways to reduce the impact of these swap-outs.
With a detailed route analysis in place, we provided a fully-engineered report showing our approach for both assets, old and new:

  • Removing the old bridge with hydraulic supports
  • Transporting the old bridge 1km to an off-site compound with an SPMT
  • Enabling first fix works on the new bridge at ground level, prior to installation
  • Using an SPMT to transport and install the new bridge with our jacking system.

With our team providing fully-engineered calculations for increases in weight, this approach removed all the usual risks associated with working at height – saving a great deal of time and money for our client.

“We always ask, 'can we find a better way to do this?' Common sense approaches often deliver the most efficient, cost-effective outcomes for our clients…”
James Brewin – General Manager, Osprey

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Rail bridge installation

Delivering rail infrastructure safely and efficiently

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