Over the last 25 years, we’ve invested in a huge range of transport and lifting equipment for critical, oversized assets. It’s important for four reasons, all of which can make a difference to your bottom line.


We deliver, 24/7, 365 days a year. With Osprey, there’s no doubt about availability. We have one of the UK’s largest fleet of SPMTs, supported by heavy-lift mobile cranes, and our own extensive fleet of flat-top barges and inland barges, cable carousels, hydraulic jacks, skids and more.

This means there’s never any doubt about meeting clients’ needs when it comes to scheduling in the right equipment for a project, onshore or off. In addition, we’ve also drawn on our marine engineering experience to commission bespoke equipment – such as twin-spooling cable carousels – to meet a client’s needs.


We are chosen for our expertise. An owner-operator gains insights over time, learning how to use standard equipment safely in new and unusual ways to overcome challenges in the field. This means that, if a problem seems insurmountable or a solution doesn’t exist yet, we will often have the expertise to try something more innovative.

For example, there have been many occasions on which a large mobile crane may have seemed like the obvious choice for moving an over-sized, critical asset. We have the LG1750 – 750te lattice boom truck mounted crane, and an LTM1800(D) – 800te telescopic mobile crane that takes a derrick and super lift attachment, raising its lifting capacity. Our LG1550 operates on an identical chassis to the LTM1800(D) but can lift more at given radius due to the extra strength of the strut jib.

However, our fleet of Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) provides an extensive range of lifting options that may provide alternative solutions for a project. The deck height of over 120 individual units can be adjusted hydraulically to lift and lower the load.

Combined with mobile hydraulic gantries, a skating system and jacks, we can deliver project solutions for the most complex installations: unusual, constrained project sites, perhaps, or routes through small villages, or even inside buildings.


We must, and do, prioritise safety – always. We have a variety of equipment that we own and operate on a daily basis, sometimes 24 hours a day. This means we have a responsibility to operate these machines with QHSE as a core focus. We have a dedicated QHSE Management System that ensures we manage all risks in our operations, and that they’re conducted to our high standards of QHSE. We’re working in everchanging environments with complex engineering solutions needed almost daily – so we’re committed to continually improving our QHSE commitments.


We are competitive. Designing solutions with our own equipment results in innovative execution that saves critical time within a possession window. This yields surety during the key phase of infrastructure installation, while driving cost down and confidence up.

Osprey barge delivering wind turbine parts in Vlissingen for Yunlin windfarm in Taiwan