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Osprey Airport City Bridge Installation

Bridge installations that save time AIRPORT CITY, MANCHESTER  When bridges need building, one of the biggest challenges for contractors is time: how to complete a...

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Osprey Bridge Installations

Ambitious bridge installations – M4 UPGRADING IN PARTNERSHIP Collaborative supply chains are imperative for successful bridge projects. It’s all about making sure that traffic flows,...

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Osprey Cable Movements

Cable movements SAFE, SECURE, ON TIME, ON BUDGET We’ve been delighted to support Orsted – a global leader in offshore wind – in their work....

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Osprey’s New Barges

£3m investment in the future TWO NEW FLAT-TOP BARGES Osprey has a wide range of barges and vessels in its inventory already, but today we’re...

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Health and Safety first – precautions during a pandemic

Health and Safety first – precautions during a pandemic Specialist logistics demand high levels of respect for safety, health, and impact on the environment. Previously,...

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Building Unbreakable Supply Chains

The specialist freight forwarding supply chain may seem secure on paper, but it’s easy to weaken the links unless you're working with the right partner...

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Osprey Bridges2020

Bridges 2020 - a great event, leading to a good question for bridge owners and local authorities...

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Hinkley Point C 

Supporting construction at Hinkley Point C with an innovative approach for critical assets...

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A lift-and-installation project that Osprey was proud to be involved in…

Success Stories

Delivering Subsea Infrastructure

Award-winning multi-modal transport

Our client needed several towheads shipped out to a new oil field –on a demanding schedule, with (award-winning) challenges to overcome.

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Supporting UK Ship Building

Innovative solutions for everyday challenges

If existing transport can’t ship our heavy lift cranes (our LTM1800 and LG1550), then our team will still find a way to get them to site…

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Upgrading UK Rail

Multi-modal transport for heavy industry

With the track gauge itself preventing ‘on line’ movement of these locomotives to the UK, we created a multi-modal solution that ensured seamless – on time – delivery.

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Supporting National Grid

The best route from A to B is sometimes via sea

There’s more to specialist logistics than equipment and engineers. Our teams have the experience to recommend innovative solutions, and the partnerships to make them possible…

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