A Journey with Osprey: Insights from the Graduate Programme

Will embarked on his professional journey with Osprey in September 2023, marking the inception of a promising career in engineering. A recent graduate from Dundee University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Will has spent the past eight months immersing himself in the dynamic and challenging environment at Osprey. Reflecting on his experiences, he shares his insights and the milestones achieved during his time on the graduate programme.

* Will pictured on the right with fellow graduate Jack.

Diverse Projects and Expanding Horizons

From the outset, Will’s role at Osprey has been characterised by a rich variety of projects that have broadened his engineering expertise. Among the notable assignments, he has engaged in drafting work for the shipment of large reels of subsea cable and has played a crucial role in the complex logistics of shipping a 2000-tonne basket from Norway to China. These projects have not only honed his technical skills but have also provided him with the opportunity to collaborate with both internal and external engineers, devising innovative solutions for project managers on site.

Will’s projects have taken him to various locations across the UK, from the northern tip of Scotland to Avonmouth Docks, and he anticipates that the scope of his travel will continue to expand. This geographical diversity has enriched his understanding of different engineering environments and operational challenges.

Supportive Graduate Programme

The graduate programme at Osprey has been instrumental in easing Will’s transition from academic life to the professional world. He highlights the invaluable support from his managers and peers, who have been consistently approachable and ready to assist with any challenges. Regular catch-up sessions with fellow graduates Jack and Matt have fostered a sense of camaraderie and mutual support, allowing them to track each other’s progress and address any problems collectively.

The structured nature of the programme has provided Will with a clear understanding of his role within the business and a roadmap for his professional development. Looking ahead, he is eager to explore a wider array of projects, including offshore and land operations both domestically and internationally. His ambition is to build a robust portfolio of work at Osprey, paving the way for an application for chartership status.

Advice for Aspiring Graduates

Reflecting on his journey, Will offers valuable advice for current students and recent graduates. He emphasises that university education serves as a foundation for lifelong learning. Since joining Osprey, he has delved into marine engineering and naval architecture, fields that were relatively new to him. This experience underscores the importance of being open to learning and adapting to new disciplines.

Will also underscores the significance of internships and work experience to gain practical exposure and secure job opportunities. He advises students to proactively seek applications even before completing their final year, as early engagement can facilitate a smoother transition into the professional realm.

In summary, Will’s time at Osprey has been marked by growth, learning, and an expanding professional horizon. His experiences reflect the value of a supportive graduate programme and the endless possibilities that lie ahead for dedicated and curious engineers.

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