Heavy Lifting Kit


We believe Osprey has the UK’s foremost heavy lifting team, and the equipment to overcome any heavy lifting challenge, anywhere.

We know how to use our fleet of cranes to provide complex, fully-engineered heavy lifting and installation solutions. There’s no such thing as a standard approach to heavy lifts, although many projects benefit from tried-and-tested solutions. These are just some of the in-house resources we can tap into for your next heavy-lifting task…

New | 1000 te capacity Enerpac JS250 Hydraulic Jack-Up System

We can now offer a brand new Enerpac JS250 system, a hydraulic jack and cassette configuration that has four tower units and up to 1000 tonnes of lifting capacity. 

Combined with our other asset base, the Enerpac JS250 lets us propose a powerful solution array – as shown here, combined with our SPMTs.

NEW | CC3800
650 te Crawler Crane  

  • 650 tonne at 12m radius
  • LSL+LF4 with 159 metre main boom
  • Full luffing jib
  • Euro5 compliant


NEW | CC2400
400te Crawler Crane

  • 84m main boom
  • 60mm luffer
  • 230te counterweight

LTM1800(D) 1000te Teleboom Mobile Crane

  • Wide variety of configurations including N-luffer, back-mast and super-lift configurations
  • Rapid rig times due to telescopic main boom
  • Unmatched nearshore lifting characteristics
  • LTM1800D (“1000te” as it’s also known) is LTM1800 in super-lift configuration

LG1750- 750te Lattice Boom Crane with Super-Lift Tray      

  • Flagship all-terrain crane with a maximum lift capacity of 750te
  • Shares the slewing platform and boom system with the LR1750, but with the mobility advantages of a mobile platform
  • Extensive track record of wind turbine installation in the UK and Europe
  • Wide variety of configurations available


9/11/13m variable outriggers

  • Wide variety of configurations available including W-luffer and various super-lift configurations
  • Interchangeable chassis with LTM1800
  • 250te super-lift tray capacity
  • Able to offer sub 15te/m2 ground loadings for 250te+ cargo
  • Osprey propriety 3D model lift planning available for this asset

SPMT – Scheuerle Generation 3 and 4

  • One of the largest, permanently based SPMT fleets in the UK
  • Combination of 4-axle (144te capacity) and 6-axle, (216te) capacity trailers
  • Minimum 1200mm bed height with 600mm stroke resulting in 1800mm maximum bed height
  • Scheuerle Z180 and Z350 PPU units (24 and 36 axle capacity respectively)
  • All-wheel steering to +/- 130 degrees
  • Scheuerle-qualified SPMT operators
  • Euro5 compliant powerpack on fleet
  • We perform all our transport engineering, capacity and stability calculations in-house with our own developed software
  • We also own an array of ancillary equipment including coupling boxes of various widths/offsets, pipe racks etc. to meet all combination requirements.

NEW | LTM1200 – 200te Teleboom Mobile Crane

  • Full counterweight (72te)
  • Extremely versatile machine
  • Available for hire during 2023

And there’s more…

Osprey can provide various stools, mats, beams for load spreading; temporary trestling available, 240te, 450te, 900te gantry systems; climbing jacks; Enerpac proprietary skidding systems.


When you need experience, equipment, and enthusiasm…

Talk to Osprey. A great, British, logistics provider with the people and the partners to deliver heavy lifting and abnormal transport services of all kinds, onshore and off.

We deliver better results. We get involved earlier and use our experience to cut costs (without cutting corners). Talk to us about your next project…

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