Multi-disciplined Engineering Kit


Our engineering teams have had access to our in-house inventory for many years – so we’ve learned how to use our equipment in unusual, innovative ways.

For any given project, this might mean we have naval architects and crane operators working on a solution; we may have port-side handlers suggesting a new approach for making assets more accessible. We work better, together, with your teams’ insights too – finding the right combination of equipment and expertise to deliver the project on time and on budget.


Heavy-lift cranes, SPMTs, hydraulic jacks, skates, strand jacks … you can depend on us to find the right approach to your project.


Cable carousels, flat-top barges, heavy-lift cranes … a unique combination of equipment might be necessary to deliver your critical assets safely to site.

With Osprey handling your logistics, you can be confident of having a partner who will find the right combination of resources and kit for your next project.

Recent Projects

Delivering Subsea Infrastructure

Award-winning multi-modal transport

Our client needed several towheads shipped out to a new oil field –on a demanding schedule, with (award-winning) challenges to overcome.

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Supporting UK Ship Building

Innovative solutions for everyday challenges

If existing transport can’t ship our heavy lift cranes (our LTM1800 and LG1550), then our team will still find a way to get them to site…

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Upgrading UK Rail

Multi-modal transport for heavy industry

With the track gauge itself preventing ‘on line’ movement of these locomotives to the UK, we created a multi-modal solution that ensured seamless – on time – delivery.

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Supporting National Grid

The best route from A to B is sometimes via sea

There’s more to specialist logistics than equipment and engineers. Our teams have the experience to recommend innovative solutions, and the partnerships to make them possible…

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When you need experience, equipment, and enthusiasm…

Talk to Osprey. A great, British, logistics provider with the people and the partners to deliver heavy lifting and abnormal transport services of all kinds, onshore and off.

We deliver better results. We get involved earlier and use our experience to cut costs (without cutting corners). Talk to us about your next project…

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