Multi-mode logistics kit


Having an extensive inventory of our own equipment makes a significant difference: it means we can offer more confidence in scheduling, planning, and managing a project.

It also means we’ve collected unique insights – how to use this equipment in unusual ways – to deliver innovative solutions for complex challenges. Reducing risk, improving safety, keeping your costs down – our teams work together to find the right combination of resources for delivering end-to-end multi-modal solutions – taking your critical assets from A to B.


We have our own fleet of telescopic mobile cranes and lattice-boom, truck-mounted cranes – some of the most capable units operating in the UK. They can all be made available to deliver a multi-modal solution from factory to foundation.

The fleet includes a telescopic LTM1800 (800te) and an LTM1800D (1,000te), and truck-mounted cranes including an LG1550 (550te) and an LG1750 (750te). We’re happy to provide detailed specs for these units, examples of fully-engineered contract lifting solutions, and our ideas for transporting the cranes and using them on sites with challenging access.


If we can’t use a mobile crane easily, then we need to think laterally. For many installations, or even in fabrication projects, hydraulic gantries are a safe and efficient alternative.

Hydraulic lifts and jacks can let us move heavy loads precisely by controlling and synchronising the move at more than one lifting point. We own our own units, and can use the gantries with or without rail systems: we can also make use of them to get an accurate measurement of a load’s gross weight – before transporting it by any other means.


Our fleet of 120 Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) provides an unlimited range of lifting options for multi-modal solutions: different modules with multiple axle lines. The deck height can be adjusted hydraulically to lift and lower the load, and each SPMT can be fitted with its own engine and steering system.

We can connect our SPMT modules – side-by-side or end-to-end – or we can operate them in synchronised mini-fleets. With this flexibility, our team can deploy the right combination of SPMTs to lift and move virtually any heavy load.


Our fleet of barges provides the widest range of movement options for heavy and abnormal loads almost anywhere in the world. We’ve used these vessels in all kinds of ways: as storage platforms, crane and construction platforms, and temporary landing facilities. Sometimes, water is the only way to transport large items to or from an inland site.

Our smaller barges are also ideal for moving heavy and abnormal loads through the inland river and canal systems in the UK, and across Europe. The advantage of working with Osprey is less about having access to this flexible fleet, it’s more about how we use it to overcome challenges in your next project.


We’re proud to have a well-established relationship with one of the UK’s foremost heavy haulage firms, Allelys Heavy Haulage Ltd. This means we can offer the widest range of end-to-end specialist logistics for our clients.

Our teams have been working together for many years, and we can often combine our services in a single contract – making project management easier from the outset. The fleet includes semi-lowloaders (3 or 5-axle units, with trombone trailers), beam trailers, wafer decks, vessel deck trailers, girder frame trainers (500t, 400t and 200t), and multi-axle hydraulic trailer systems.

Recent Projects

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Award-winning multi-modal transport

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Supporting UK Ship Building

Innovative solutions for everyday challenges

If existing transport can’t ship our heavy lift cranes (our LTM1800 and LG1550), then our team will still find a way to get them to site…

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Upgrading UK Rail

Multi-modal transport for heavy industry

With the track gauge itself preventing ‘on line’ movement of these locomotives to the UK, we created a multi-modal solution that ensured seamless – on time – delivery.

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Supporting National Grid

The best route from A to B is sometimes via sea

There’s more to specialist logistics than equipment and engineers. Our teams have the experience to recommend innovative solutions, and the partnerships to make them possible…

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