Offshore logistics kit

The right equipment  

For 25 years, we’ve been expanding our versatile fleet of barges, along with a wide inventory of equipment for complex offshore logistics.

Our marine heritage gives us an advantage – having worked in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of oil and gas for many years. Add to that, our experience with all manner of renewables (we’re the only provider to have engineered and transported every component to an offshore wind farm) and you have specialist offshore logistics you can depend on.

When you choose Osprey, you get access to multi-disciplined specialists – marine engineers, naval architects, operators, planners – who will choose the right combination of equipment to deliver unexpected value in every part of your project.

All the equipment you need

Whatever you need to transport offshore, the journey will usually start onshore. We have the experience to plan and recommend the right approach for your assets.

We’ll make our extensive inventory available to you: some of the UK’s most capable heavy-lift cranes, over 124 axles of SPMTs (Goldhofer and Scheuerle), cable carousels and baskets … fully-engineered and resourced RORO, LOLO, and FLO FLO solutions, including all sea fastening design and fabrication as necessary.

Ocean-going barges

As a successful marine contractor to offshore oil and gas clients for over 20 years, we’ve increased our inventory of ocean-going, flat-topped barges – we can deliver heavy and abnormal loads almost anywhere in the world. We’ve used these vessels in all kinds of ways: as storage platforms, crane and construction platforms, and temporary landing facilities.

Our engineers make use of this fleet for loadouts, and we’ve used our ocean-going barges to move floating assets, too. The advantage of working with Osprey is less about having access to this flexible fleet for standard movements, it’s more about how we can use it to overcome unusual challenges in your next project.

Inland barges

Sometimes, water is the only way to transport large items to or from an inland site. Our smaller barges are ideal for moving heavy and abnormal loads through the inland river and canal systems in the UK, and across Europe.

This means we can offer end-to-end specialist logistics, for example, to power stations (that might otherwise expect to take disruptive deliveries via a port), or to factories – connecting them more efficiently to their supply chains.

Cable carousels

Cabling transport is a specialised service, and we have not only the expertise but also the access to equipment.

Spooling, storing, testing, and transporting – under strict manufacturers guidelines and OEM instructions for cable handling – the process of moving these cables takes know-how to ensure their integrity. W work with trusted partners to spool cable from their storage baskets into transportable baskets for the voyage – and then use our bespoke carousels if necessary to facilitate dual spooling, on arrival.

Heavy-lift cranes

We have our own fleet of telescopic mobile cranes and lattice-boom, truck-mounted cranes – some of the most capable units operating in the UK – and they can all be made available to support port-side services.

It’s how we deliver near-shore construction services that save time and money for our clients: we have the heavy-lift cranes, the SPMTs, the barges, the lifting equipment – everything we need, plus the expertise to plan an integrated, end-to-end logistics solution.

Our fleet includes a telescopic LTM1800 (800te) and an LTM1800D (1,000te), and truck-mounted cranes including an LG1550 (550te) and an LG1750 (750te). We’re happy to provide detailed specs for these units, along with options for transporting them and using them on sites with challenging access.

Ice-class ships

Our versatile ships are categorised as Ice Class (Swedish/Finnish 1A). They sail under the Dutch flag.

We pool these ships with vessels owned by other shipowners – over 100 multi-purpose, heavy lift and tweendecker vessels – to provide capacity for transporting heavy and abnormal cargoes almost anywhere in the world.

Recent Projects

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Award-winning multi-modal transport

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Supporting UK Ship Building

Innovative solutions for everyday challenges

If existing transport can’t ship our heavy lift cranes (our LTM1800 and LG1550), then our team will still find a way to get them to site…

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Upgrading UK Rail

Multi-modal transport for heavy industry

With the track gauge itself preventing ‘on line’ movement of these locomotives to the UK, we created a multi-modal solution that ensured seamless – on time – delivery.

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Supporting National Grid

The best route from A to B is sometimes via sea

There’s more to specialist logistics than equipment and engineers. Our teams have the experience to recommend innovative solutions, and the partnerships to make them possible…

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When you need experience, equipment, and enthusiasm…

Talk to Osprey. A great, British, logistics provider with the people and the partners to deliver heavy lifting and abnormal transport services of all kinds, onshore and off.

We deliver better results. We get involved earlier and use our experience to cut costs (without cutting corners). Talk to us about your next project…

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