Specialist port services 


We’ve created a designed-for-purpose service to help our clients with project-tailored support.

Usually, the need for Specialist Port Services arises due to specialist cargo or vessels being involved. And, during the planning or construction phase of a project.

All the expertise needed to deliver the right outcomes

We can help you by creating an outcomes-focused service plan that includes all aspects of port services and associated logistics, delivering far more than a promise to meet a pressing construction schedule.

Our experienced planning teams, providing support to yours

For example: if you’re working on significant infrastructure at scale, such as offshore construction or cabling logistics – you’ll need a unique combination of non-standard vessels. They’ll have to be operated by experienced crews in non-standard ways, to deliver non-standard cargo or services in a timely, safe, managed way. That’s our bread and butter – even down to designing and constructing temporary, bespoke operating facilities.

Working better, together

Our Port Services team is always happy to talk through any aspect of your upcoming project and to share the learnings we’ve accrued from other sectors that may help you to mitigate risk and/or reduce costs. We can offer:

  • Feasibility studies including full technical assessments of marine and port facilities
  • Design of temporary (project) facilities and works
  • Compliance with Maritime & Port Regulations
  • Management of Vessel & Port Operations
  • Mobilisation services – bringing equipment in for the job
  • Cargo handling procedures, stevedoring and specialist lifting
  • Customs and other compliance
  • Practical and regulatory Health & Safety in Marine and non-marine environments
  • Understanding of construction projects and construction logistics
  • Mult skilled engineering disciplines (naval architects; civil, mechanical and marine engineers)
  • Cargo superintendence
  • Vessel repairs – diver support

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Why choose Osprey

Our Port Services team is supported by multi-disciplined experts in heavy and specialist logistics. We can support, plan, design, and deliver multi-modal logistic solutions for all kinds of port imports and exports.

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When you need experience, equipment, and enthusiasm…

Talk to Osprey. We love a technical challenge. We’re one of the UK’s foremost large-scale logistics, heavy transport, and abnormal load specialists. Our teams would love to hear about your project and to see how we can help most.

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