Our Port Services teams have the hands-on experience to handle all manner of cargoes. We can also draw on more technical services from our project, engineering and marine teams.

Handling of goods

  • Loading and unloading of containers, flat racks and MAFI roll trailers
  • Lashing and securing cargo using specialist lashing systems and equipment
  • Heavy lift services including unloading of ships
  • Abnormal and heavy haulage

Customs & Forwarding

We’re members of the British International Freight Association (BIFA), and work under BIFA Standard Trading Conditions – giving our clients the confidence to trust us with all aspects of customs work.

Documentation & Customs

As a customs broker, we help importers and exporters to process their declarations and navigate their shipments through customs and associated border agencies. We prepare all required documents, calculate duties and other taxes on behalf of the importer, arrange for inspections required by government agencies.


  • 25 years of experience with import and export customs clearance
  • Assistance with goods classification, origin, valuation, free trade agreements, customs processes and completion of customs documentation
  • Import entries offered for shipments in any UK seaport
  • Direct Trader Input into DESTIN8 port inventory and CHIEF
  • Osprey’s own duty and VAT deferment account

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Why choose Osprey

Our Port Services team is supported by multi-disciplined experts in heavy and specialist logistics. We can support, plan, design, and deliver multi-modal logistic solutions for all kinds of port imports and exports.

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Talk to Osprey. We love a technical challenge. We’re one of the UK’s foremost large-scale logistics, heavy transport, and abnormal load specialists. Our teams would love to hear about your project and to see how we can help most.

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