The beauty of having people with such a broad range of experience, is that we offer multi-disciplined engineering: teams with all the right qualifications and expertise to find the right solution for complex specialist logistics.

It may be an innovative solution for taking heavy assets overseas – making all but the impossible, possible. Or a common sense approach to delivering critical infrastructure from factory to foundation – making a world of difference to schedules and budgets. Either way, we’ll bring the right people to the table so that we can all work better, together.


It’s the Osprey Way of Working. It means our teams work closely with yours to deliver unexpected value – whether that’s savings on cost, or time, or simply a better way of tackling your logistics challenges.

To do that, we’ll draw on each other’s strengths and experience as well bringing our previous insights to your project. Engineers, naval architects, drivers, operators, planners, industry and sector specialists … multi-disciplined professionals. We’re a firm with solid family values, a great team ethic, and 25 years of specialist logistics under our belts.

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