We call it the Osprey Way of Working, or O-WOW for short. You can smile, but we’re serious. O-WOW is a differentiating approach that has tangible value for our clients.

It’s the way we collaborate – working better, together – to find unexpected value from the outset. Sharing what we’ve learned from our experience on other projects, finding the right approach to each new challenge.

The Osprey Way of Working is what makes us the right logistics partner. From the way we reinvented the industry’s approach to replacing rail bridges onshore, to the way we’ve transported many challenging critical assets offshore… O-WOW is how we help clients to cut costs and time, without cutting corners.


We genuinely get a kick out of playing a part in our clients’ success. Developing our own capabilities, improving the scope and scale of what we can achieve together. Our family values keep us focused on bringing out the best in each other.

Sometimes it’s about using our experience to find an innovative solution, often it just involves using the right tools and a healthy dose of common sense. It’s taken us 25 years to develop O-WOW and – whether it’s here in the UK or overseas – the benefits of working ‘better, together’, just keep growing in value.


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