Civil infrastructure

Major civil infrastructure includes things like road and rail bridges, large-scale construction – even nuclear power plant components and rolling rail stock.

When it comes to delivering those critical assets safely, on time and on budget, what makes us different is our approach to each project. It’s the Osprey Way of Working that gives you unexpected value.

Whatever you’re working on, we’d like to get involved as early as we can in the planning process. When it comes to specialist logistics, we can often manage the entire inbound supply chain – saving time and money. We’re proud to say our track record of delivering major civil infrastructure speaks for itself and our experience shows us that projects go smoothly when we work better, together.

We are Osprey

Our teams will be on site and on hand to make sure all the specialist logistics in your civil infrastructure project run smoothly. Talk to us for:

  • Technical and commercial logistics
  • Swept path and structure analysis
  • Advanced route studies and overbridging
  • UK Customs management
  • Temporary storage facilities
  • Heavy cranes and contract lifting
  • Skidding and skating units (1,000 tonnes)
  • Self-Propelled Modular Trailers (3,000 tonnes)
  • Jacking systems (3,000 tonnes)

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Why choose Osprey?

We get the results you want, because we’ve learned how to work better, together. Our ‘learning loop’ is built in – we don’t reinvent the wheel, we simply apply our previous learnings to make sure the wheels turn more smoothly.

Whether it’s common sense or ingenuity that determines the right combination of equipment and expertise needed for each civil infrastructure project, you can depend on us to deliver on time and on budget.

When you need experience, equipment, and enthusiasm…

Talk to Osprey. We love a technical challenge. We’re one of the UK’s foremost large-scale logistics, heavy transport, and abnormal load specialists. Our teams would love to hear about your project and to see how we can help most.

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