Port construction

As the economic landscape is changing, so too must the physical landscape. Port construction brings a unique set of logistics together in complex construction plans. Related projects must connect smoothly, and our teams can bring it all together.

We draw on 25 years’ marine experience to provide you with unexpected value on every aspect of your project. We’re currently providing owner-operated equipment to support a number of major port construction projects worldwide.

Cranes, beach landings, installation of major assets, barge deliveries, marine off-loading facilities … we can even step in to deliver solutions if support is needed at short notice.

We are Osprey

We have the equipment and the know-how to plan, run feasibility studies, minimise risk, and reduce the costs of deliveries for large, modular construction projects of all kinds. Talk to us for:

  • Technical and commercial logistics
  • Advanced planning and route studies
  • Overbridging and temporary works
  • Customs management and port services
  • Heavy cranes and contract lifting
  • Skidding and skating units (1,000 tonnes)
  • Self-Propelled Modular Trailers (3,000 tonnes)
  • Jacking systems (3,000 tonnes)

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Why choose Osprey

We get the results you want, because we’ve learned how to work better, together.

Our ‘learning loop’ is built in to every project. Even the most standard phases of construction sometimes benefit from a little ingenuity: we find the right logistics solution, and you can depend on us to find the best way to support your port construction projects.

When you need experience, equipment, and enthusiasm…

Talk to Osprey. We love a technical challenge. We’re one of the UK’s foremost large-scale logistics, heavy transport, and abnormal load specialists. Our teams would love to hear about your project and to see how we can help most.

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