Osprey is one of the UK’s most experienced offshore logistics providers: we’ve been working with key partners in the renewables arena for several years. From muster port needs to cable transport, to the movement of turbines, blades, nacelles, towers (we pioneered vertical shipping), transition pieces, jacket and monopile foundations, subsea cables, met masts …

We’re the only British specialist logistics provider that’s transported every large component to an offshore wind farm. We don’t just deliver components, we make sure we deliver unexpected value in the process by finding ways to work better, together.

We are Osprey

For heavy lifting and specialist transport for transformers, offshore substations, energy converter installations and more … you’ll find us on site, on hand, and on board with your project. We offer:

  • Owner-operated barges and ships
  • Swept path and structure analysis
  • Advanced route studies and overbridging
  • UK Customs management
  • Temporary storage facilities
  • Heavy cranes and contract lifting
  • Skidding and skating units (1,000 tonnes)
  • Self-Propelled Modular Trailers (3,000 tonnes)
  • Jacking systems (3,000 tonnes)

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Why choose Osprey

Our people deliver better results to renewables’ clients because we truly believe in the value of working ‘better, together’. Clients can depend on us to find insightful ways of delivering this critical infrastructure on time and on budget.

Our ‘learning loop’ is built in. We’re an independent firm, with all the equipment and experience needed to deliver the safest, most efficient specialist logistics solutions.

When you need experience, equipment, and enthusiasm…

We can make light work of the heavy lifting and specialist logistics for marine renewables.  Osprey is the UK’s foremost large-scale logistics, heavy transport, and abnormal load specialist. Our onshore, offshore, and port services teams would love to see how we can help you most.

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