Onshore wind farms. Offshore wind farms. Tidal power. Osprey is one of the UK’s most experienced renewables logistics providers: we’ve been working with key partners in the renewables arena for several years. From muster port needs to cable transport, to the movement of turbines, blades, nacelles, towers (we pioneered vertical shipping), transition pieces, jacket and monopile foundations, subsea cables, met masts …

We’re the only British specialist logistics provider that’s transported every large component to an offshore wind farm. We don’t just deliver components, we make sure we deliver unexpected value in the process by finding ways to work better, together.

We are Osprey

For all onshore and offshore renewables – whether it’s wind turbine components that seem to be ever-increasing in size, transformers, substations, or energy converters … you’ll find we offer a logistics advantage on-site:

  • Third-party site management
  • Coordinated logistics that save costs
  • Owner-operated barges and ships
  • Swept path and structure analysis
  • Advanced route studies and overbridging
  • UK Customs management
  • Temporary storage facilities
  • Heavy cranes and contract lifting
  • Skidding and skating units (1,000 tonnes)
  • Self-Propelled Modular Trailers (3,000 tonnes)
  • Jacking systems (3,000 tonnes)

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Onshore wind logistics

We provide an end-to-end proposition for onshore wind projects, handling everything from international shipping, off-loading, transportation, and complete on-site crane management. What’s more, with over 150 installs to our credit, from Scotland to Scandinavia, Osprey’s teams set the standard for safety, rigging and relation times.

The right equipment

Our Liebherr 1750 crane is an industry must-have. But in addition to our equipment, which includes pre-erection, main erection and rigging cranes, our team also delivers the risk studies, management and third-party coordination needed in every onshore project.

The Osprey advantage

We know how to improve the way onshore wind projects are coordinated – reducing risk and costs and minimising the delays caused by overlapping project management streams.

Our team has supported so many onshore wind projects, we have unique insights into a market that’s now being driven by ever-increasing hub and tip heights.

Contact us to talk through any aspect of onshore wind special logistics and onshore wind site management.

Offshore logistics

Osprey has delivered some of the world’s most challenging offshore cargo projects: engineering, designing the transport to the vessel, carry out the loading and securing ready for sea transit. Our complete solutions work from factory to foundation, with design and calculations including FEA, Autocad 2d and 3d modelling of sea fastenings.

Over the years, our team has also moved every individual component needed out to offshore wind installations. From nacelles to blades to transformers or cable transport, these projects often need specialist skills and equipment such as bespoke cabling baskets. We provide support for subsea construction of all kind at every stage, from load-outs to decommissioning, and we offer short and long-term cable storage that includes industry-standard integrity checks.

The right equipment

Our marine heritage makes us second to none. We’re proud to say we own the UK’s largest fleet of specialist barges, with two recent additions to our barge fleet. We can also offer the widest range of support services to get the best from that equipment, such as cable storage and complex offshore scheduling.

The Osprey advantage

Every offshore project is different. Drawing on 25 years of experience, we’ve learned how to use our barges and our specialist equipment in innovative ways – groundbreaking new ways to ship critical assets offshore (or inland). This innovation is natural to our team, comprising marine engineers, naval architects, ex-deck officers, pilots, operators, planners and sector specialists.

As an owner-operator, we can provide all the vessels and barges needed to secure the most cost-effective and efficient transport for your cargo. And we offer a UK agency service for vessel owners and charters, providing the complete range of customs clearance and ships’ services for vessels calling at UK Northern Ports.

Contact us to talk through any aspect of offshore special logistics and site management.